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We are the Motion Picture

Storytelling Studio

Midland Pictures tells stories that break through the noise of our connected world to grow awareness, build community, create customers, and earn loyalty for your brand.

Our pride is producing narrative & documentary-style videos that inspire your audience to take action.

We’re all about empathy, collaboration, and execution. Let’s take your story beyond the Midlands.


Strategy & Design

We strategize and design narrative and documentary-style motion pictures for some pretty awesome businesses & brands in Omaha, Nebraska.

We want your business to grow, and we know that telling your stories with the language of cinema will provide your audience with content that has real value so you can build an enduring relationship with your community.

Building Brands

As filmmakers, we combine strategy, design, and execution to tell stories that align with the goals of your organization and the needs of your customers.

Because we’re a full-service video production & post-production company, we have the tools and expertise to execute any design.

You’re building a brand - let’s make it an exceptional experience for your audience.

Telling Stories

You can’t just create a pile of footage and figure out the story in the edit bay. Midland Pictures is more than that.

We’re a decade of experience, a few fancy credits, and a history of hard work, passion, expertise, and authenticity - what we do gets results and you’re going to enjoy collaborating with us.




We partnered with Sharon Manhart at Arbor Street Studios to give everyone in Omaha the answer to the question, “Who’s painting all these signs?” Check out our short documentary to learn more about Sharon’s work, her business, and to see the signs she’s painted all over the Midlands. This video went viral in the Midlands and grew tremendous awareness for both Midland Pictures & Arbor Street Studios.

Midland Pictures saw their Facebook likes increase from roughly a dozen to well over 200 in a matter of days. This video amassed 15,000 views, 284 likes, and 126 shares, generating leads for both Midland Pictures and Arbor Street Studios, and bringing in new members to the Arbor Street Studios community.



The Council Bluffs Community Education Foundation collaborated with us to create a documentary-style short film & promotional spot for distribution on social media to grow awareness of the STARS Scholarship program - a program that “assists parents and custodial grandparents with college expenses that are beyond most financial aid packages.” The goal of this project was to dramatically increase the amount of applicants across Pottawattamie County in Western Iowa in order to assist as many students as possible and break the cycle of adult, low-income students having to choose between their financial responsibilities and their education.



OMLB has incredible stories of transformation to tell. They knew it, we knew it. When they acquired a dilapidated property in the historic Country Club neighborhood of Omaha, Nebraska and sold it to a first-time home owner with grand plans for renovating it, they knew they’d be making a positive impact. We designed a documentary-style film that not only captured the before and afters of the renovation but captured the impact that transforming a property like this has on the community.

These videos have been an important tool for OMLB to use in presentations, on their website and social media, to communicate the core values of their organization, and to create an emotional connection within their online community.



Midland Pictures partnered with Brookside Church to produce and post-produce a series of videos to serve as the foundation for their $2 million 2019 Capital Campaign. Manuel’s Story is a documentary-style film that tells the story of Manuel and his family’s time at Brookside and how important and meaningful a new Hispanic Sunday Service will be to his family and the Hispanic community in Omaha, Nebraska.

This video, unassisted by boosting or sponsorship, has garnered 4,000 views, 127 likes, and 37 shares on Facebook - greatly helping to spread awareness of the new Hispanic Service as well as creating a stronger emotional connection between Brookside Church, Brooksiders, and the Hispanic community.


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